Fogo, Cape Verde

Fogo - Fire - is without doubt the most sought after and adventurous hiking destination of all Cape Verdean islands. Getting there is an adventure in itself, because one has to fly to the island of Santiago and then take a small boat to Fogo, the forbidding island rising steeply out of the ocean.

The active volcano is almost 3.000 m high. One of the wonders is a village that is located in the centre of the impressive caldera with its 1.000 m high walls on the west side. One can stay overnight in Chã das Caldeiras, enjoy the excellent local wine and coffee, and next morning climb the Pico de Fogo and enjoy a fantastic view at an altitude of 2.829 m over the ocean in the east and caldera in the west.

The latest eruption occurred in 1995, and one will pass the site of this, the Pico Pequeno, when climbing the main Pico. There are other interesting features and trails to be explored on this island.


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