Guinea, or Guinea-Conakry as it is sometimes called, lies on the west coast of Africa, its crescent shape curving from the Atlantic coast around its southern neighbours Sierra Leone and Liberia. Apart from the low-lying coastal area, the country is mountainous, particularly in the Fouta Djalon region which runs north-south right across the country. Large rivers like the Niger, the Gambia and the Senegal have their source in Guinea. Highest mountain is Mount Nimba (1752 m), on the border with Liberia and Ivory Coast.

There are hiking opportunities near the city of Mali-ville in the surrounding mountains, and even all the way across the border to Kedougou in Senegal. Walking is also possible in the area around Labé in the Fouta Djalon region. Hiking was possible up Mount Nimba, although it is now a strict nature reserve forbidding, or at least strictly regulating tourism.




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