Kenya is located in eastern equatorial Africa, and derives its name from stunning Mount Kenya, with 5199 m Africa's second highest mountain. The country's landscape is enormously diverse, ranging from low and humid coastal plains on the Indian Ocean to the temperate central highlands, which in turn are split by the Great Rift Valley. Towards the north-east the climate is extremely hot and arid.

Kenya is a popular hiking destination. There are numerous trails up and around the Mt Kenya massif, a truly alpine environment with glaciers and snow. And there is more. Towards the northeast are the remote Loroghi Hills, west lies the caldera of Mt Elgon with its cave elephants on the border with Uganda. Or venture out to the Cherangani Hills, the Aberdare Range, and homeland of the pastoral Maasai people: the southwestern Loita Hills.

Best time for hiking is during the cool dry months, from June to August, but there are regional differences, and as you go higher up generally the chances of rain (or snow) increase. Trails are not marked, so it is a rule to hire a local guide at all times. Mt. Kenya has mountain huts, and there is lodge accommodation in most national parks, but while trekking be prepared to carry full camping gear and supplies.




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