The small country of Israel borders on the Mediterranean in the west, Jordan in the east, Lebanon and Syria in the north, and Egypt to the south. The coastal plain along the Mediterranean is the most densely populated. Travel inland and you will encounter the Negev desert in the south, arid and often barren hilly regions in the center, and more mountainous regions as you travel north. The eastern border of Israel runs through the Jordan River Rift Valley, which is part of the 6500 km long Great Rift Valley extending all the way from northern Syria through East Africa to Mozambique.

Israel is home to several well-marked long distance hiking trails, of which the Israel National Trail is the longest, measuring almost 1000 km from north to south across the country. Another popular trail, and more of a pilgrimage, is the 130 km Jesus Trail through the region of Galilee.

Best seasons for walking in Israel are generally spring and late autumn, when the weather is fair and not too hot. Do always carry several liters of water each day. Camping along the way is popular, but you will need to carry all.





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