Albania Squeezed in between Montenegro in the north and Greece in the south lies Albania, a land of rugged mountains and gorges, rolling hills, remote villages and byzantine churches. In the west the country borders on both the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, with dramatic limestone cliffs in the south. Being one of the poorest countries in Europe, the last pockets of truly isolated subsistence farming can be found here. It's a bit like traveling back in time, in the tracks of the renowned early 19th century English poet Lord Byron, who passed through Albania on his way to the palace of Ali Pasha in the autumn of 1809.

To walk in Albania means to share footpaths and dirt roads with local pedestrians trailing their horses and donkeys, to meet friendly villagers, and shepherds watching over their herds up in the hills. There are no waymarked long distance hiking trails that we know of, and detailed maps are hard to come by.

Winters in Albania can be quite cool, and summers are scorching, so in general the best seasons to go are spring and autumn. In the Albanian interior, hotels or private rooms may be hard to find.





De Zwerver
De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids Noord Albanië: Thethi und Kelmend | Huber Verlag |
  • Vooralsnog de enige wandelgids van Albanië. In het gebied van Thethi en Kelmend worden een 33-tal wandelingen beschreven. Bij elke route staan GPS coordinaten, topografische kaartjes, routebeschrijving -en typering en overnachtingsadressen vermeld. A guide to this former Eastern Bloc country describing 17 hikes of varying length and... Read more
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  • Stanfords, United Kingdom
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  • Carnica Region - Rosental - Klagenfurt
  • Map No. WK234, Carnica Region - Rosental - Klagenfurt, in a series of outdoor leisure maps from Freytag & Berndt with hiking and cycling routes, plus other tourist information including GPS waypoints, huts and refuges, local bus stops, etc. The maps have contours at 100-metre intervals in the mountainous areas (50 metres elsewhere), shading and... Read more
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De Zwerver
  • Wandelkaart Wanderkarte Nordalbanien Thethi und Kelmend | Galli verlag |
  • Wandelkaart van een bijzonder gebied. Veel detail, prima om op te lopen. Höhenangaben in Meter, Äquidistanz 20 Meter, Höhenlinien, Gitternetz. 17 Wandervorschläge: 1. Rundspaziergang Thethi Zentrum - Wasserfall (ujevara) - Canyon Grunas-Kulla e Ngujimit - Thethi Zentrum. 2. Rundwanderung Theti - Nenrreth - Ulaj - Theti. 3. Thethi -... Read more
United Kingdom
  • Tropoja - B. Curri - Valbona
  • Tropoja - B. Curri - Valbona area of northern Albania at 1:50,000 in a series of GPS compatible contoured maps from Huber Verlag showing hiking and cycling routes, climbing sites, tourist accommodation, etc, with detailed descriptions of recommended tours. Overprint for hiking paths extends across the border to Montenegro and Kosovo.... Read more
United Kingdom
  • Vermoshi - Tamare - Razma - Thethi
  • Vermoshi - Tamare - Razma - Thethi area of northern Albania at 1:50,000 in a series of GPS compatible contoured maps from Huber Verlag showing hiking and cycling routes, climbing sites, tourist accommodation, etc. Descriptions cover 16 hiking trails and six cycling routes between 14km and 152km long. Route profiles are provided for most of the... Read more
De Zwerver
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Walking holidays

  • Albanië 8 dagen
  • Gesloten geheim van de BalkanIn het zuiden van de Balkan, grenzend aan de Adriatische Zee, ligt Albanië, dat 15 jaar geleden nog absoluut het meest gesloten land van Europa was. Het enige Europese land trouwens dat onder Hoxha het communisme aanhing naar Mao-Chinees model. En zoals overal in Oost-Europa de staatsregimes vielen, was dat in... Read more
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