Salzburger Almenweg


  1. Length of trail 350 km, 217 miles
  2. Length in days 19 days
  3. Start of trail Pfarrwerfen
  4. End of trail Pfarrwerfen
  5. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  6. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Salzburger Land

Salzburger Almenweg, 350 km

This trail is very suitable for those who enjoy combining a walk with a pint at an almhof, a farmstead in the summer fields of the Alps. Start and end are in the village of Pfarrwerfen near Salzburg. The 350 km long path takes you past 120 alms.

The trail is one in a series of new Leitwanderwege, a modern brand of hikes, profiling experience rather than accomplishment, senses rather than places.


Map Salzburger Almenweg


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