1. Length of trail 4,390 km, 2,728 miles
  2. Length in days 220 days
  3. Start of trail Dorsey Head (Irl)
  4. End of trail Rhodopen (Bg)
  5. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  6. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

E8, NetherlandsE8: Dorsey Head (Irl) - Rhodopen(Bg), 4390 km

Irish Sea – Rhein – Main – Donau – Karpaten – Rhodopen

For 4390km this trail will lead you from the Atlantic coast of Ireland eastward, across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland, where you will come to an abrupt halt on the Beskid Pass which is the Ukrainian border. Follows a gap in the trail: the portion through Ukraine and Romania and the first stretch in Bulgaria is non-existent. You can then continue again on the last 400km stretch through Bulgaria's Rhodope range to Mezek near the Turkish border.

As with all European long distance paths, the waymarking reveals the different national policies. This is Europe! And this is the best reason to love the continent!! Anyway, in Ireland, England and Holland the trail is made up of existing, well documented, and very good waymarked trails. Germany offers a mixed deal: the E8 partly uses some existing long distance trails, but mostly local paths. Austria again has a wide network of trails, also accommodating the E8. In Eastern Europe, local paths and roads are used, and generally the waymarking is very good, but often you have to knit the color schemes together yourself. Unfortunately, in Ukraine and Romania hiking facilities are largely extinct. In Bulgaria however, some good waymarking has been done.

Well, let's put things together now. This is the complete string of trails making up your complete E8-hike:

Ireland (620 km)

  • Dursey Head, start
  • Beara Way, Dursey Head - Kenmare, 100 km, 5 days
  • Kerry Way, Kenmare - Killarny, 40 km, 2 days
  • Local trail, Killarny - Shrone, few km
  • Blackwater Way, Shrone - Clogheen, 168 km, 10 days
  • East Munster Way, Clogheen - carrick-on-Suir, 75 km, 3 days
  • South Leinster Way, Carrick-on-Suir - Kildavin, 104 km, 5 days
  • Local trail, Kildavin - Clonegal, few km
  • Wicklow Way, Clonegal - Dublin, 129 km, 6 days
  • Ferry Dublin – Liverpool (United Kingdom)

United Kingdom (300 km)

Netherlands (276 km)

Germany (1.500 km)

Austria (500 km)

Slovakia (740 km)

  • Border Austria / Slovakia – Bratislava -  Baba Pass (527 m), hut (33 km)
  • Baba Pass – Chata Brezinky, hut (30 km)
  • Chata Brezinky - Dobrá Voda, village (23 km)
  • Dobrá Voda – Myjava, town (22 km)
  • Myjava - Holubyho chata (950 m), hut (18 km)
  • Holubyho - Nové Mesto nad Váhom, town (29 km)
  • Nové Mesto nad Váhom - chata pod Inovcom (840 m), hut (24 km)
  • chata pod Inovcom – Trenčín, town (19 km)
  • Trenčín - Trenčianske Teplice, spa (13 km)
  • Trenčianske Teplice  - Vápeč (955 m), (27 km), path to Homôlka hut (5 km)
  • Vápeč – Čičmany, village (23 km)
  • Čičmany - Vyšehradské sedlo (579 m), pass (30 km), bus to Nitrianske Pravno (8 km)
  • Vyšehradské sedlo - Kremnické Bane, village (33 km), bus to Kremnice (5 km)
  • Kremnické Bane - Kráľova studňa (1280 m), hotel (30 km)
  • Kráľova studňa – Donovaly, tourist centre (19 km)
  • Donovaly - Zámostská hoľa (1612 m), hut (22 km), path to Magurka (5 km)
  • Zámostská hoľa - Chata gen. M.R. štefánika (1727 m), hut (19 km)
  • M.R. štefánika - Honzovské (1171 m) (17 km), path to Dobšinskej hotel (4 km)
  • Honzovské – Skalisko (1293 m), hut (31 km)
  • Skalisko - Štós-kúpele, spa (28 km)
  • Štós-kúpele - Jahodná chata, hut (31 km)
  • Jahodná – Košice, town (10 km)
  • Košice  - Kysak, village (19 km)
  • Kysak – Cemjata, village (22 km), path to Prešova (6 km)
  • Cemjata - sedlo Čergov (917 m), hut (29 km)
  • sedlo Čergov – Bardejov, town (22 km)
  • Bardejov – Zborov, village (17 km)
  • Zborov – Svidník. town (31 km)
  • Svidník - Dukliansky priesmyk (502 m), pass, border Slovakia / Poland (26 km)
  • Last village in Slovakia is Vyšný Komárnik - Dukliansky Priesmyk

VKÚ maps

127 Malé Karpaty-Bratislava
128 Malé Karpaty-Záruby
129 Malé Karpaty-Bradlo
130 Považský Inovec-Piešťany
107 Biele Karpaty-Trenčín
119 Strážovské vrchy-Trenčianske Teplice
131 Vtáčnik-Horná Nitra
120 Malá Fatra-Martinské hole
132 Kremnické vrchy

121 Veľká Fatra
122 Nízke Tatry-Chopok
123 Nízke Tatry-Kráľova hoľa
124 Slovenský raj
125 Volovské vrchy-Krompachy
136 Volovské vrchy-Košice
115 Šarišská vrchovina-Branisko
104 Čergov
105 Ondavská vrchovina-Bardejov
106 Laborecká vrchovina-Dukla

Poland (195 km)

  • First village in Poland is Barwinek near Dukla, border Slovakia
  • Barwinek – Dukla, connecting trail (yellow), 20 km, 1 day
  • Beskids Trail / Główny Szlak Beskidzki, from Chyrowa to Wołosate, 171 km, 10 days
  • Wołosate to border Ukraine, 3 km. Here, the trail and markings end
  • Last village in Poland is Wołosate


  • First village in Ukraina is Lubnya
  • Trail is non-existent


  • Non-existent

Bulgaria (400 km)

  • First part non-existent
  • Start of current trail in Borovec, small town 80 km from Sofia in Rila Mountains, waymarked
  • Svilengrad near Greece / Turkey, finish


  • Currently no trail
  • Istanbul, future finish?


Map European Long Distance Trail E8

Map European Long Distance Trail E8

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  1. Cancel
  • Anthony 2013-12-09 10:37:57
  • Stage 1 of the E8
  • I am planning to walk the Irish - English parts of the E8.

    Does anyone have any advice on the route? This is my first long distance hike so I am planning to take things pretty easy.

    My biggest problem at the moment is finding the maps OS and OSi for the routes (It doesn't help that the Trans-Pennine trail website is down.
    • Anthony 2013-12-09 10:38:12
    • Oh, forgot to say, thanks in advance!
    • Anthony 2013-12-11 10:43:44
    • Also the map of Ireland is very wrong. The trail starts much further south than that.
    • Ken@thepathwayporter 2014-03-06 19:03:14
    • Anthony, if you're still planning the walk the government owned Irish Trails website have maps for pretty much the whole Irish section in PDF format. They're not the highest scale but they should be fine for the majority of walkers as the trails are well signposted on most of the route. I did it heading south from Dublin using a book by Paddy Dillon, Ireland Coast to Coast by Cicerone press. I took maps but barely used them, using the ones in the book instead. Paddy chooses to end in Portmagee in Kerry rather than Dursey Head so you will need maps or a guide book for the section on the Beara.
  • David Flanagan 2013-02-13 17:55:23
  • Anyone walked all the E8?
  • I'm a freelance journalist writing a piece about the E8 and I'm looking to talk to someone who has walked all or at least a lot of the E8 walking route?
  • Craig 2012-08-15 16:00:31
  • E8 Trail
  • Hello ppl

    I just wondered if it's possible to chat to someone here with great knowledge of the E8 trail, through Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

    • Henk Nouws 2012-08-31 11:29:32
    • Craig, I know the Dutch part very well, and past month I hiked a part in Slovakia, well marked, easy to find. Just ask me what you want to know.
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