1. Start of trail Ballon d'Alsace
  2. End of trail Andorre-la-Vieille
  3. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  4. Hut tour grading T1, Walk


Ballon d'Alsace - Andorra

The GR7 starts in the Vosges, near the German Border, and runs south-west. It passes the Ardèche, the Cévennes, the Haut Languedoc, and enters into the Pyrenees, to finish in Andorra. Actually, the walking trail continues into Spain.

Parts of the path run parallel with the E5, and a large part is runs parallel with the E7.


Map of GR7 North

Map of GR7 South


Cicerone Press
United Kingdom
  • Walking the GR7 in Andalucia
  • A guidebook to walking both variants of the GR7 through Andalucia in southern Spain. This month-long trip takes in cool forests, arid plains, historic towns, castles and white Berber villages, so there is real variety to experience. Included are practical accommodation details to help plan your complete journey. Read more
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De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids Walking the GR7 in Andalucia | Cicerone |
  • Uitstekende wandelgids van een gerenommeerde Engelse uitgever. De tochten zijn met zorg beschreven en voorzien van allerhande nuttige informatie. With its white sandy beaches, pine forests, snow-capped peaks, traditional villages, lush river valleys and olive groves, the GR7 in Andalucía takes you on a journey through the most geographically... Read more
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United Kingdom
  • Andalucia Walking the GR7
  • This comprehensive guidebook to trekking the GR7 through Andalucia in southern Spain describes about 60 days of walking, covering both the northern fork of the route, through Cordoba and Jaen (34 to 41 days in total), and the southern fork (35 to 42 days), through Almeria and Granada. Both routes finish at Puebla de don Fadrique. An epic 1183km... Read more
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