1. Length of trail 44 km, 27 miles
  2. Length in days 3 days
  3. Start of trail Hveravellir
  4. End of trail Hvitarnes
  5. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  6. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Hrutfell - by Henk Kjalvegur , Hveravellir – Hvítárnes, 44 km, 3 days

To get to know the interior of Iceland, follow this ancient horse-trail across the plateau of Kjölur between the two glaciers of Langjökull in the west and Hofsjökull in the east. A lovely and not too strenuous hike, with nice huts along the way. It crosses open landscapes of wild glacier-eroded plains, and offers magnificent views of surrounding mountain ranges and glimpses of white glaciers shimmering above.

From the south, the trail starts at Hvítárnes hut, which offers breathtaking views of Langjökull glacier entering Hvitarvatn lake. Via Thverbrekknamuli hut the trail takes you to the green valley of Thjofadalir with its cosy hut. The last stretch leads you to Hveravellir, where you can relax in a hot spring bath.

The trail is waymarked, but not always very clear, so bring your compass and a written description and map from Reykjavik. Carry your own sleeping bag and enough food to last a few days. There is a bus stop at about 6 km from Hvítárnes hut, and another one at Hveravelir, so you can walk the trail in either direction.



Rate 9.0 | 2 votes | No 1. in Iceland
  • Joke ter Weele July 2006
  • Rate 9
  • Positive Amazing wide vistas and weird volcanic shapes and bubbling springs
  • Henk Nouws July 2006
  • Rate 9
  • Positive Climbing some mountains, one had an unbelievably clear view over the island. Nature is unspoiled. Volcanic activity.
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