Dinaric Alps


Large mountain area, extending into many southern European countries. They are not part of the Alps proper. They are characterised by limestone and karst. Highest mountain is Prokletije, 2.692 m.


Cicerone Press
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  • Walking in Croatia
  • This handy guidebook contains detailed route descriptions for 19 day walks and 7 multi-day treks in Croatia's Dinaric Alps and the Croatian islands. The terrain varies from gently sloping hills to rugged tops and limestone crags. Each route is graded by difficulty which ranges from very easy to difficult so there is a route to suit every ability. Read more
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De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids Walking in Croatia - Kroatië | Cicerone |
  • Uitstekende wandelgids, sommige meerdaags, voor dit uitdagende wandelgebied. Walks and multi-day treks through the best of Croatia’s mountains including the Dinaric Alps (Gorski Kotar and Velebit), Istria, Croatia’s islands and around Zagreb. Ranging from easy to hard, the routes introduce this outstandingly rugged walking destination. Full... Read more
The Book Depository
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