1. Length of trail 5,229 km, 3,249 miles
  2. Length in days 260 days
  3. Start of trail Cabo de Sao Vicente (P)
  4. End of trail Narva-Jõesuu (Est)
  5. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

E9, North Sea Trail, Duin- en Polderpad, Hollands Kustpad LAW 5-3, Groet - t Zand

E9: Cabo de Sao Vicente (P) - Brest (F) - Tallin (Est), 5000 km

International coast path Atlantic – North Sea – Baltic Sea

An approximate 5200km of coastal trail, southwest to northeast, of which considerable portions are still under development. Ideally it should start from Capo de São Vincente, Portugal and end in Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia. However the stretches along the Portuguese and Spanish Atlantic coast are as yet non-existent, as are some parts of the trail in France. From Brittany onwards, along the North Sea coast of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Baltic coast of Germany and Poland, are a continuous trail. Only to be halted at the Poland-Kaliningrad border. Here, the E9 ends. Plans for its continuation in the Baltic States have not been realised yet.

From Roscoff in France, instead of continuing along the coast, there is an alternative route crossing over to the UK by ferry and walking a 711km section (or 719km if you include the Isle of Wight) from Plymouth to Dover along the British south coast. From Dover take a ferry back to Ostend where the trails then rejoin.

The trail is described North-South below:

Estonia (110 km is marked)

  • Non existent

Latvia, Lithuania, Kalinigrad

  • Non existent

Poland (656 km, marked)

  • First village in Poland is Braniewo
  • Braniewo - Żarnowiec, local trails, marked, 293 km
  • Szlak Nadmorski / Coastal Trail, Żarnowiec - Świnoujście, marked, 378 km
  • Last village in Poland is Świnoujście

Germany (944 km, marked)

  • First village in Germany is Ahlbeck
  • Coastel trail, sometimes joining Hanseatenweg, Ahlbeck – Warnemünde – Wismar – Rostock -  Travemünde - Kücknitz
  • Local paths, Kücknitz – Lübeck – Mölln, E1 and E6 join E9
  • Local paths, Mölln – Hamburg, E1 joins E9
  • Wanderweg Schlei-Eider-Elbe, Hamburg – Barmstedt, 54 km
  • Local paths, Barmstedt – Glückstadt
  • Ferry Glückstadt - Wischhafen
  • Elbe-Weser-Wanderweg, Wischhafen – Bremerhaven, 111 km
  • Ferry, Bremerhaven – Blexen
  • Butjadinger Weg, from Blexen to Petershörn
  • Jadeweg, from Petershörn to Wilhelmshaven
  • Ems-Jade-Weg, from Wilhelmshaven to Aurich
  • Ostfrieslandweg, from Aurich to Leer
  • Emsweg, from Leer to Weener
  • Local paths, Weener to Neuschanz
  • Last village is Weener

Netherlands (650 km, marked)

Belgium (140 km, marked)

France (2189 km: partly ready)

  • First village is Bray-Dunes, bordering on Belgium
  • GR120, from Dunkerque to Pas d'Authie, 154 km
  • Missing part, Pas d'Authie – Le Tréport
  • GR21, Le Tréport – Le Havre, 161 km
  • GR2, small part
  • GR223, Le Havre – Cherbourg - Avranches, 417 km 
  • Local trails, Avranches - Le Mont St-Michel
  • GR34, Le Mont St-Michel – Tour-du-Parc, 1700 km 
  • Missing part, Le Tour-du-Parc – Saint Brévin les Pins
  • GR8, Saint Brévin les Pins – Sare: there are many missing parts, and a small part is covered by the GR4

United Kingdom (711 km, 719 via Isle of Wight)

Alternative for the continental trail: south coast of United Kingdom

  • Ferry from Oostende, Belgium
  • First village is Dover
  • Saxon Shore Way, Dover – Rye, 65 km
  • Local trails, Rye – Jevington, 56 km
  • South Downs Way, Jevington – Queen Elizabeth Country Park, 111 km
  • Staunton Way, Queen Elizabeth Country Park – Langstone Harbour, 19 km
  • Solent Way, Langstone Harbour -  Portsmouth – Lymington, 76 km

Alternative: Isle of Wight

Back on the main trail:

  • Solent Way, Lymington – Milford on sea, 11 km 
  • Bournemouth Coastal Path, Milford on Sea – Poole, 30 km
  • South West Coast Path, Poole – Plymouth, 343 km
  • Last village is Plymouth

Spain (partly ready)

  • Parts in Asturias and Cantabria


  • Non existent


Rate 7.0 | 2 votes | No 13. in Netherlands
  • Henk Nouws September 2014
  • Rate 8
  • Positive I did walk parts of the E9 in the Netherlands, Poland and England. Some parts are stunningly beautiful, others are boring, but the best is that you walk the history of Europe and get to know so many different countries that are in the same time so closely related.
  • Negative Some boring stuff. The trail is not or rarely marked as E9, so you must find out the itinerary yourself (well: more a "like" than a "dislike").
  • Andrew November 2014
  • Rate 6
  • Positive Most of the path is located on the coast. Because I love to swim (regardless from the season) during the breaks I could go to swim in the Baltic Sea. On the E9 in polish area is one National Prak and a lot of Landscape Parks (Wysoczyzny Elbląskiej, Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy; Nadmorski Park Krajobrazowy, ect)
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Map European Long Distance Trail E9

Map European Long Distance Trail E9

Map European Long Distance Trail E9

Hike Reports

  • Hike a dike, Traildino!

  • Traildino March 2009
  • Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands, is a flat and open country. Meadows, scattered farms, ancient villages, and the sea. Walking on a dike you stick out high above this land and the sea and you will enjoy great views. The Friese Kustpad - ...
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Photo Albums

TraildinoMarch 2009

AndrewNovember 2014

AndrewNovember 2014

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  • Mischa 2015-10-31 16:29:57
  • From Estonia to Kaliningrad
  • Hello everyone, does anybody knows if it's possible to reach Kaliningrad from the end of E9 in Estonia (through the coastline) ? Any advice regarding this part ?
    • Henk Nouws 2015-10-31 22:59:31
    • I got information from the ERA that the E9 in Estonia is nonexistent. Poland is the last country.
  • kika 2014-09-17 02:10:42
  • Portugese Part
  • Well the portugese part of this trail is partely ready. with the fishermans trail / historical way already being marked.
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