Saint Cuthbert's Way


  1. Length of trail 100 km, 62 miles
  2. Length in days 5 days
  3. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Saint Cuthbert's Way62 miles, 100 km, 5 days

St Cuthbert was a monk who lived in the 7th century, becoming saint twelve years after his death. He lived in the border region of Scotland and England off the coast of Northumberland. The trail winds through soft sloping tranquil farmlands with hedges and dry stone walls. Of course you will find old religious buildings on your path, like the ruined Melrose Abbey, Lindisfarne Priory and Holy Island (only reachable at low tide). The path is popular because of its associations with pilgrimage. Second, the trail is part of the European Long Distance Route E2.


Rate 8.0 | 1 vote | No 8. in United Kingdom
  • Aaron Barnes September 2010
  • Rate 8
  • Positive Cracking short-ish trail that covers a cross border route between Scotland and England. Melrose Abbey, Lindisfarne and Yeavering Bell (one of the largest hill forts in the UK) are all highlights. Wideopen Hill is spectacular and not to be missed. Crossing the sands via the Pilgrims path to Lindisfarne is a must at the finish - check the tide tables.
  • Negative Bit too much road walking at times on the Scottish section. Otherwise a good solid trail. Watch out for the high bracken in places - it covers the path and will give the unwary walker a good soaking during the summer, even after the rain has stopped ;)
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Saint Cuthberts Way


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