Pennine Bridleway


  1. Length of trail 209 km, 130 miles
  2. Length in days 11 days
  3. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Pennine Bridleway

130 miles, 209 km, 11 days (currently)

National Trails

Horseriders are the main target for the Pennine Bridleway under construction. By now, 130 miles, 209 km, are open for the public. Special facilities for the horses are constructed. Work is in progress to finish the Northern part and then the trail will be 350 miles long. Bikers and hikers are welcome too. Hopefully this works out harmoniously.

The Pennine Bridleway is not to be confused with the Pennine Way. Both are National Trails. The Bridleway is generally more easy to walk. Both trails run parallel and intertwine at several places.

The landscape is fabulous of course, and this must be a prime destination for any serious rider with a couple of brave, hardy horses. The landscape is open and sometimes bleak with great distances in the Southern Pennines. In the Yorkshire Dales open grasslands, wooded hills and friendly valleys alternate. The Peak District offers high hills with grasslands and heather.

A magnificent project!


Pennine Bridleway


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