Southern Upland Way


  1. Length of trail 341 km, 212 miles
  2. Length in days 17 days
  3. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Southern Upland Way212 miles, 341 km, 17 days

Long Distance Route in Scotland

Scotland's Coast to Coast route is long and lonely. The trail is located in the deserted area south of Glasgow and Edinburgh, far from the popular Scottish Highlands.

Count on a walk of about two weeks undulating heathland. This heather is not only feeding the sheep, but also grouse. Every year, bits of land are set to fire to promote the growth of young plants which feed these birds. Other birds that you will surely see are Raven. And on the west coast you may see Gannets, large black and white birds who spectacularly dive into the sea.

Another facet that will certainly fetch your attention, are the forests. After the war, these forests were created as stiff, dull, square plots of spruce. Perhaps you will appreciate forests like these one days. Most people hate them. The foresters have knocked the wheel, and are gradually creating a more playful forests to please us. The plantations remain artificial, but remember the moorlands and grasslands are not natural either.

The path is part of the E2 European Long Distance Trail.


Southern Uplands Way

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  • Patricia Brander 2012-10-12 17:30:58
  • Proposed windfarm right over the SUW
  • People who have walked the Southern Upland Way will be concerned that Burcote Wind are planning a huge windfarm right on top of the path on the stretch between Dalry to Sanquhar. They call the development Longburn, but it is at Stroanfreggan.

    You may wish to write to them.

    Best regards

    Patricia Brander
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