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The Three Capes walk is a somewhat expensive (US$400) but well maintained track that has restricted access to Cape Pillar (said to have the highest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere). The money is meant to be reinvested in the trail and maybe to recoup some of the $30,000,000 the government spent on the upgrade. This new trail is three nights (46km) in huts. They provide transfers to the track, heating, cooking facilities and bunks with matresses. will explain costs and the fact it is often booked out. The old route "The Cape Pillar Circuit" was often on the lists of best hikes in Australia but access is now restricted and only one option for camping exists. It is 38km circuit but involves camping and misses the boat ride in. It only costs the price of a parks pass and does not need to be booked but transport is a problem. Hiring a car for a week will often cost less than US$400 and you can visit when the changeable weather is hopefully good rather than when you secured a booking (and spend then the rest of the time elsewhere). The trail is a circuit from Fortecue bay. Much of it is on excellent trails and boadwalks set up for the paying customers. It is very possible if you leave hobart very early to do as a two day trip but in high season detouring to secure a camp site before continuing to the cape may be recommended. The circuit must be walked anticlockwise. Fortescue Bay-south west to Wughallee campsite, a return leg to Cape Pillar then northwest to visit Cape Hauy before reaching Fortecue Bay. The threecapes trail website or using google images and searching "Cape Pillar Australia" will give you reason to hope for a sunny day. sketch map attached

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