Riksgränsen to Abisko by Rissajaure och Låkktatjokka Mountainlodge

I walked this wonderfull and exciting trail with my 7 year doughter and it was full of interesting things to see. I would say it was the perfect start for her when it comes to hiking. There was things to look forward to: Rissajaure which is Europes clearest lake with a free line of sight for at least 35 meter which is the max depth of the lake. To get there you will take a small trail following the "Kerkevagge" with its fantastic stonefields, at the end you will not see the lake untill the last hundred meters or so which is part of the magic. There are great spots for camping close to the lake with large superflat grassfields. The walk up to the mountainlodge is strainous for everyone and specially a 7 year old girl, but that made it so much special to reach the lodge in perfect weather. There is almost always snow up here and the trail is wet from all the meltingwater coming down so make sure you have your boots prepared for it. In the mountainlodge there is the possibillity to take part in the 3 course dinner served with a nice story about the area and its history as a resort for traincompany employees (SJS), my grandfather worked for SJ so the story actually put a puzzlepiece in my own familys history, very nice. Well there is not much more to say then that the area is wonderfull and the trail was ok, we didnt really follow the "Rallarvägen" that much, but the route we took is parallell to it and I would say much more worth it then taking the low trail along the traintracks. When passing over Njulla we also did a stop at the Abisko Aurora Skystation which was in coulds when we came there but is rumored to be a excellent viewpoint in better conditions.

Hike data

  • Where
    Rallarvägen, Sweden
  • When July 2012
  • Distance walked 45 km (~28.0 miles)
  • Days walked 5 days
  • Part walked Riksgränsen - Katterjokk - Vassijaure - Rissajaure (Trollsjön) - Låktatjokka Station - Låktatjokka Mountainlodge - Björkliden - The top of Nuolja (Njulla) - Abisko

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