Walking across Mallorca

A great walk but with real problems on the first few day to do with signage and access.....the walk by rights shouldn't say it begins until either Valldemossa or Deia where the signs start to become more reliable and there is no barbed wire fences and signs saying privado suddenly jumping up to meet you.....which happens several times before here....The people of Mallorca or great and the Island is fantastic...go and enjoy..... A great view is from the café/hotel Son mico between soller and Deia on the Gr221 and they serve nice home made Pie :D See link below for you tube vid with music

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    GR221 Ruta de la Pedra en Sec, Spain | Rate 6

    PositiveMallorca is a beautiful island with amazing scenery and wonderful wildlife. It also has plenty of sun........i found the people (in the main) very friendly, helpful and interested in my walk. The good segments are very well sign posted and the trail is on good solid paths through these sections

    NegativeSo why the low score? Because large sections(mainly in the first few days)are not signed, badly signed or have been closed with large barbwire fences and big signs saying privado. I found getting maps difficult, even in Palma and the local GR221 guide(english version)which is available in most shops in mallorca is not greatly helpful for the walk though it does make a nice momento of the journey:)

    Majorca, Baleares, Spain | Rate 9

    Positivewonderful weather and wildlife....in the North of Mallorca there are plenty of varied day walks through the mountains and one multi day walk the GR221

    NegativeNot so many walking paths in area outside the mountain regions