along the Dales Way

A lovely walk, starting gently up the river Wharfe, then over the Pennines to Ribbleshead viaduct; finally down to Windermere. Lots of limestone scenery, plenty of places to stay.

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    Dales Way, United Kingdom | Rate 8

    PositiveThe Yorkshire countryside is lovely, with lots of variety.
    Lovely going up the river Wharfe, watching it change character.
    Great drama getting to the hills and Ribblehead viaduct.
    Lots of good places to stay - no day was too long.

    NegativeThe last two days were for us a bit of an anti-climax, and Windermere was VERY touristy, after all that wild country. We would recommend stopping at Ribblehead viaduct and leaving via Dent Station.

  • When June 2012

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along the Dales Way

River Wharfe, from Bolton Abbey