Snowman Trek


  1. Name Snowman Trek
  2. Length in days 25 days
  3. Start of trail Drukgyel Dzong
  4. End of trail Sephu or Duer
  5. Traildino grading SW, Strenuous walk, mountain trail
  6. Hut tour grading T2, Mountain walk

The Snowman Trek is the longest and most strenuous and difficult trek in Bhutan. It takes 25 days to complete and reaches a maximum altitude of 5320 m. It starts from Drukgyel Dzong near Paro in the west of Bhutan, and actually coincides with the Laya Gasa Trek until Laya. From Laya it splits off into the remote higher altitudes. This means regular camping at high altitude (over 5000 m) and somtimes on snow.

The trek takes you through the isolated Lunana region. On day 19 from Thanza there are two options:
Snowman Trek I: continue to Sephu near Trongsa in Central Bhutan
Snowman Trek II: continue further east to Duer village in Bumthang

Even the Bhutanese rate this trek as hard, so that is still an understatement, you can be sure. For the experienced and very fit and hardy only!


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