GR15 - AE - Ardennes-Eifel


  1. Name GR15 - AE - Ardennes-Eifel (GR15)
  2. Length of trail 793 km, 493 miles
  3. Length in days 40 days
  4. Start of trail Monschau
  5. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  6. Hut tour grading T1, Walk


Ardennes - Eifel, 793 km, (197 km in Belgium)

The AE, or Ardennes-Eiffel trail, connects three countries - Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg - and takes you into the core of two very beautiful low mountain areas: the dense forested Ardennes and the volcanic Eiffel. Officially the GR16 is part of this project, and this trail is running west where it crosses the border with France where it connects to the GR12 to Paris.

The problem is that the three countries involved do not have a common agenda. So you will search in vain for a guidebook for this particular trail. In Luxembourg the trail is still called Ardennes-Eifel, and in Germany the name is Ardennen-Eiffel Rundweg. Like all trails in these countries, you don't have to be afraid to get lost: the marking is good.

The map shows the Belgium part of the trail.

Select some tracks
Sentier Ardennes-Eifel, 87km
GR 15 - Variante Mardasson - Ed 4 - Mars 2019, 6.3km
Mina e Albufeira, 8.2km
GR 15 - Sentiers de l'Ardenne - De la Lorraine belge à l'Eifel - Ed 4 - Mars 2019, 229km
GR 15 - Variante Caillebotis - Ed 4 - Mars 2019, 2.1km
GR 151 - Tour du Luxembourg belge, 231km
GR 15 - Variante Charmille - Ed 4 - Mars 2019, 2.2km
GR 15 - Liaison Gare Arlon - Ed 4 - Mars 2019, 1km
Grande Rota do Guadiana, 156km
GR 15.2 Broto - Torla - Puente de los Navarros, 6.6km
GR 15.1 San Úrbez - Vió - Buerba - Buisán, 13km
PR-HU 2 Orós Bajo-Yésero GR-15, 7km
GRP 571 Liason GR 15 Variante crue, 4.2km
GRP 571 Liason GR 15, 7.9km
GR 16 - Liaison GR151, 5.3km


Hiking map Belgium GR15 GR16 GR151


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  • Wandelgids GR151 Tour du Luxembourg Belge | GR Sentiers
  • Gedetailleerde routebeschrijving van de GR 151 in de provincie Luxembourg in de Belgische Ardennen. Veel informatie, ook praktisch, en goede kaarten waar je uitstekend op kunt lopen. La boucle « Tour du Luxembourg belge » démarre de Neufchâteau, gagne le plateau de Recogne, puis s'en va, dans les bois, longer la Lomme vers Poix-Saint-Hubert... Read more
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