GR12 - Amsterdam - Paris


  1. Name GR12 - Amsterdam - Paris (GR12)
  2. Length of trail 977 km, 607 miles
  3. Length in days 50 days
  4. Start of trail Amsterdam
  5. End of trail Paris
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

GR12, Belgium

Amsterdam - Paris, Total 977 km: 222 km in the Netherlands, 197 in Flanders-Belgium, 212 in Wallonia-Belgium, 346 km in France

Hiking this trail is a faster way from Amsterdam to Paris than waiting for the TGV. In the Netherlands the GR12 is not really known by that name; the local name is LAW1-3, or Floris V Pad. It connects seamlessly with the GR12 in Belgium over Antwerp and Brussels, heading for France, running north from Reims, and finally entering Paris. 

The hike offers a variety of landscapes. There is not a particular theme apart from connecting three important European Capitals. If you thru-hike it, the landscape will change often, though it always is agricultural: from the Dutch Polders, the small scale landscape from Flanders, the forests of southern Belgium and Northern France, and the open hill landscape of Reims.

This trail can be used as a pilgrimage route to Santiago. In Paris, jump on the Via Turonensis and after a big while on the Camino Francés, and turn right on the Puente de la Reina.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

Select some tracks
.GR12 Amsterdam-Paris, 365km
.GR 12 Variant West, 59km
Amsterdam-Paris, France
.Amsterdam-Paris, Son - Poteau d'Ailles, 64km
.Amsterdam-Paris, Poteau d'AIlles - Orrouy, 107km
.Amsterdam-Paris, Orrouy - Coye, 47km
GruBrìa Dorsale GR12 Est Ovest Valle Lambro - Bosco delle Querce, 18km
Floris V-pad - Hoofdroute
.Floris V-pad 01, Amsterdam - Weesp, 17km
.Floris V-pad 02, Weesp - Kortenhoef, 21km
.Floris V-pad 03, Kortenhoef - Nieuwer ter Aa, 19km
.Floris V-pad 04, Nieuwer ter Aa - Woerden, 21km
.Floris V-pad 05, Woerden - Oudewater, 12km
.Floris V-pad 06, Oudewater - Schoonhoven, 16km
.Floris V-pad 07, Schoonhoven - Nieuw Lekkerland, 20km
.Floris V-pad 08, Nieuw Lekkerland - Dordrecht, 22km
.Floris V-pad 09, Dordrecht - Kiltunnel, 19km
.Floris V-pad 10, Kiltunnel - Numansdorp, 23km
.Floris V-pad 11, Numansdorp - Dinteloord, 24km
.Floris V-pad 12, Dinteloord - Steenbergen, 19km
.Floris V-pad 13, Steenbergen - Bergen op Zoom, 18km
GR 16 - Liaison vers GR 12 - Ed 6 - Juin 2016, 24km


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