Via Brabantica


  1. Name Via Brabantica
  2. Length of trail 161 km, 100 miles
  3. Length in days 6 days
  4. Start of trail Bergen op Zoom / Kalmthout
  5. End of trail Nivelles
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Via Brabantica

Via Brabantica and Via Brabançonne, Bergen op Zoom (Nl) - Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels - Nijvel, 161 km, 6 days

A pilgrim way to Santiago de Compostela. This Way starts at Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands, continues over Antwerp and Brussels, and ends in Nivelles (Nijvel). Alternatively, start in Breda in the Netherlands.

In Brussel, the name changes from Via Brabantica to Via Brabançonne. This Way of St. James largely follows the GR12. From Nivelles, take the Via Gallia Belgica to Saint-Quentin, and then continue on the GR655, the Via Turonensis, and ask directions in Roncesvaux in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.


Select some tracks
GR 12 Amsterdam - Bruxelles - Paris
GR12 Amsterdam-Paris NL
Floris V-pad - Hoofdroute
.Floris V-pad - 01, 17km
.Floris V-pad - 02, 21km
.Floris V-pad - 03, 19km
.Floris V-pad - 04, 21km
.Floris V-pad - 05, 12km
.Floris V-pad - 06, 17km
.Floris V-pad - 07, 20km
.Floris V-pad - 08, 22km
.Floris V-pad - 09, 19km
.Floris V-pad - 10, 23km
.Floris V-pad - 11, 24km
.Floris V-pad - 12, 19km
.Floris V-pad - 13, 18km
GR 12 Amsterdam - Paris Belgium main route Vlaanderen
.GR 12 Vlaanderen, Bergen op Zoom - Bruxelles, 164km
.GR 12 Vlaanderen, Bruxelles - Braine-le-Château, 39km
(no name)
.(no name), 19km
.(no name), 66km
.(no name), 64km
.(no name), 105km
.(no name), 47km
.(no name), 80km
GR 12 Amsterdam-Paris Belgium all variants
.GR 12 Variant West, 59km
Via Brabantica, 271km
Grande Rota do Tejo
.Rota da Idanha, 72km
.Caminho do Tejo, 44km
.Trilho Panorâmico do Tejo, 12km
GruBrìa Dorsale GR12 Est Ovest Valle Lambro - Bosco delle Querce, 19km
GR 12 Liaison gare de Mariembourg, 1.5km
Grande Rota do Tejo, Rota Europeia E7-GR12 , Portugal


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