GR16 - Sentier de la Semois


  1. Name GR16 - Sentier de la Semois (GR16)
  2. Length of trail 205 km, 127 miles
  3. Length in days 10 days
  4. Start of trail Arlon (B)
  5. End of trail Montherme (F)
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

GR16, Alle-sur-Semois

GR16, Sentier de la Semois, Arlon - Montherme, 205 km

The Semois or Semoy is a river meandering its way through the Ardennes, in the south of Belgium, near the French border. Its source is somewhere near Luxembourg. It's mouth in the river Meuse, in France. The trail follows the river through an attractive landscape, starting with light rolling fields to the higher hills and forests of the Ardennes. In France the trail connects to the GR12.

Select some tracks
GR 16 Sentier de la Semois, 186km
.GR 16 - France, 23km
GR 16 Sentier de la Semois
.GR 16 Variante Les Bulles, 4.6km
.GR 16 Liaison GRP 151, 5.3km
.GR 16 Variante Roche Lenel
.GR 16 Variante de Mortehan, 1.1km
.GR 16 Variante Les Hayons, 3.7km
.GR 16 Variante de Frahan, 1.8km
.GR 16 Variante des Échelles de Rochehaut, 2.2km
.GR 16 Variante de Laforêt, 7.4km
GR 16 Variantes et Liasons
.GR 16 Liaison Gare Arlon, 0.8km
.GR 16 Liaison gare de Florenville, 1.9km
.GR 16 Liaison vers GR 12, 24km
.GR 16 Variante source de la Semois, 4.3km
.GR 16 Variante Herbeumont, 5.9km
GR 16 - Ancienne Variante du Moulin Hideux
GR 16 - Variante d'Arlon, 1.9km
GR-16.1 Senderos del Serrablo, 15km
E3 France, doublon avec le Sentier de la Semois, 20km
GRP 151 Liaison GR 16, 5.3km


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