1. Name GR4 (GR4)
  2. Start of trail Grasse
  3. End of trail Royan
  4. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  5. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

GR4GR4, Grasse (Provence) - Royan (Atlantique)

This trail takes you across France, from the provence in  the East to the Atlantic coast. In between you pass the beautiful Montagne du Lubéron and the famous Mont Ventoux. Another famous place is the Gorges du Verdon. Further west you cross the Rhône and walk towards Clermont-Ferrand and the dead volcanoes and Puy-de-Dôme. The crossing of the high plains of Auvergne is a special thing. Next is the region of Limousin and finally the Atlantic.

Be aware that the region around the Lubéron might be closed all summer (july-august) due to risk of forest fires.

Select some tracks
Sentier de Grande Randonnée 4
Sentier de Grande Randonnée 4 - Tracé principal
.Sentier de Grande Randonnée 4, Royan - Montjustin, 1274km
.Sentier de Grande Randonnée 4, Monjustin - Cipières, 230km
.Sentier de Grande Randonnée 4, Cipières - Grasse, 21km
.GR 4 (variante Gréolières), 2.6km
.Sentier de Royan à Grasse (variante), 19km
.GR 4 (variante La Palud), 6.7km
GR4 - La Palud, 1.1km
Grubria Anello GR4 Lissone Muggiò, 22km
Eijsden-Margraten Gr4, 3.3km


Rate 7.5 | 2 votes | No 30. in France
  • Nikki
  • Rate 8
  • Positive Een wandeling door een heel gevarieerd landschap. Pre Alpen, Provence , Ardèche . Door de diepe kloof van Gorge du Verdon en over de Mont Ventoux. Warm, wind heerlijk. Wel pittig is de klim direct omhoog de eerste dag. Zeker als het heet is en het daarvoor veel geregend heeft.
  • Henk Nouws April 1986
  • Rate 7
  • Positive The central parts of Auvergne
  • Negative South from Auvergne the trail took mostly roads. I only did the part in the Massif Central.
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Map of GR4 West

Map of GR4 East


De Zwerver
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