1. Name GR38 (GR38)
  2. Start of trail Redon
  3. End of trail Douarnenez
  4. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

GR38, QuimperDouarnenez - Redon

Like the GR37, this trail explores the inner parts of Brittany. The GR34 of course is the very popular coastal route of Brittany. The GR38 is much less frequented. A suggestion would be to combine some parts of the coastal trail with some trails in the interior to get to know Brittany better.


Map of GR38


De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids 348 Bretagne Cote de Cornouaille | FFRP
  • Fout lopen wordt op deze manier wel erg moeilijk. Met symbolen is weergegeven welke voorzieningen (openbaar vervoer / winkels / overnachtingen) er zijn langs of bij de route. De gids bevat een lijst met overnachtingsadressen inclusief telefoonnummers. Alle gidsen bevatten een door ons toegevoegde uitgebreide frans nederlandse... Read more
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United Kingdom
  • La Cote de Cornouaille GR34
  • GR34: La Côte de Cornouaille, FFRP topo-guide ref. no. 348, one of the titles from an extensive series of light, high quality, A5 paperback guides to the Sentiers de Grande Randonnée, the GR routes, a dense network of long-distance footpaths across the French countryside. Each topo-guide covers either a circular route, or part of a longer path.... Read more
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