GR78 - Sentier de Piémont


  1. Name GR78 - Sentier de Piémont (GR78)
  2. Start of trail Carcassone
  3. End of trail Lourdes
  4. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  5. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

GR78The GR78 runs on the northern slopes of the Pyrenees, from Carcassone to Lourdes. It is planned to be connected to St Jean Pied-de-Port. It's an old pilgrimage way, Sentier de Piémont.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

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GR 78, 318km
Mirepoix / Pamier, 29km
78, 3.7km


Map of GR78


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