1. Name Hünenweg
  2. Length of trail 208 km, 129 miles
  3. Length in days 10 days
  4. Start of trail Osnabrück
  5. End of trail Papenburg
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Hünenweg, Friesenweg

Osnabrück - Papenburg, 208 km, 10 days

This path is named after the many dolmens (Hünengrab in German) in this region. These dolmens are prehistoric burial tombs, built of massive stones. They date from the Neolithic period, 3000 - 4000 BC, and can be found all over Europe.

The old name for this trail, by the way, is Friesenweg.

The trail connects to the Ostfriesland Wanderweg, which starts at the North Sea coast. The start (or end) of the Hünenweg is in the town of Papenburg. Papenburg is an old peat colony, a place that has sprung up around the exploitation of vast moors. This kind of villages are typically very long, and Papenburg is considered one of the longest in Germany. Hence, the path runs south, trodding on poor sandy soils. Eventually it leaves the flat north German landscapes and touches the first mountains of Germans interior. We now reach Osnabrück, and the historic center of this city is the end of the trail. On its way the trail visits some historical castles and monasteries.

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Hünenweg, 207km


De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids Hikeline Hünenweg | Esterbauer
  • Goede handzame wandelgids met duidelijke kaarten en informatieve tekst. Lemgte 190 km. van Papenburg tot Osnabrück. Der Hünenweg führt Sie von Osnabrück durch das hügelige Osnabrücker Land, Sie durchqueren das reizvolle Nettetal und das Hahnenmoor, laufen am Ufer der Hase entlang und gelangen am Ende der ­Route durch die Moorlandschaften des... Read more
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