The Kerlingarfjöll is a mountain range in the centre of Iceland. It rises from the Kjölur plains and if you walk the Kjalvegur, you won't miss the spectacular sight of the escarpment. There are no marked trails into these mountains, but you may find two shelters.


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  • Kjölur - Langjökull - Kerlingrafjöll
  • Kjölur - Langjökull - Kerlingrafjöll area of Iceland at 1:100,000 in a series of detailed hiking and recreational topographic maps from Mál og menning - the country`s leading cartographic publishers, with beautiful drawings of local birds and tourist information. An enlargement shows the Kerlingrafjöll area in greater detail at 1:50,000.The... Read more
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  • IJsland - Kerlingarfjöll
  • Sneeuwwandelen in het gebergte van Kerlingarfjöll, gelegen op de Kjölur hoogvlakte, betekent op sneeuwschoenen langs pruttelende modderpoelen en sissende stoompluimen, over dichtgesneeuwde vulkaanhellingen en ijzige vlaktes, door besneeuwde dalen en over door de wind kaal geblazen bergruggen. Spectaculaire tocht naar het binnenland en verblijf... Read more
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