Overijssels Havezatenpad


  1. Name Overijssels Havezatenpad (LAW12)
  2. Length of trail 272 km, 169 miles
  3. Length in days 14 days
  4. Start of trail Oldenzaal
  5. End of trail Steenwijk
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Overijssels Havezathenpad: Vecht near Dalfsen

LAW12, Overijssels Havezatenpad: Oldenzaal - Steenwijk, 272 km

Theme of this path is the "Havezathe", old estates. Overijssel has quite a few of them, and many of these old and sometimes castle like buildings have been preserved, including their surrounding gardens and parks. This path visits many of them, and does of course call upon the many old towns in between. A pleasant stroll for lovers of coffee with apple pie. Well, a beer is alright too.

Because the path crosses the entire province of Overijssel (the old name of the path was Overijsselpad), starting on the Frisian border and ending almost at the German border, you will pass the best woods and wetlands of this region. This will most likely tempt the nature lover and silence lover to join you.

The walk is plotted by the Stichting Wandelnet. The path is marked white-red in the field. Of course, there is a nice little guidebook available, with savory details of everything aroundyou, which you can study while enjoying your beer.

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Overijssels Havezatenpad (Alle varianten)
Overijssels Havezatenpad (Hoofdroute)
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 01: Lonnekerland, 39km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 02: Stad en Ambt Delden, 28km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 05: N347 (Goorsestraat - Markelo), 21km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 06: Markelo - N350, 18km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 07: N350 - Nijverdal station, 17km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 08: Nijverdal station-Kasteel Eerde, 21km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 09: Kasteel Eerde-N340, 16km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 10: N340-Wijthmen, 21km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 11: Wijthmen-Hasselt, 21km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 12: Hasselt-Belt Schutsloot, 17km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 13: Belt Schutsloot-Muggenbeet, 20km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 14: Muggenbeet-Paasloo, 18km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 15: Paasloo-Steenwijk, 14km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, aanlooproute Nijverdal, 0.3km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, aanlooproute Rijssen, 1.5km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, aanlooproute Goor, 3.3km
Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 12a: Zwartsluis-Vollenhove-Zwartsluis
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 12a1: Vollenhove-Zwartsluis, 14km
.Overijssels Havezatenpad, deel 12a2: Vollenhove-Zwartsluis, 13km


Overijssels Havezathepad LAW12


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