Vesterålen and Hinnøya


Vesterålen Isles

The Vesterålen islands are a continuation of the well known Lofoten islands. In fact, tourists usually mix them up, and all of them are regarded as the Lofoten; what's in a name. The Vesterålen isles are no less wild and beautiful than the Lofoten. Again, the peaks are made up of very old volcanic rock. When the glaciers melted, 20.000 years ago, they left behind pinnacles and bare rock faces: a climber's paradise. Add the picturesque fishing villages, and you get the picture: yess!

These islands have an other side, literally: the west is rugged, but the east coast levels out to broad coastal plains, full of breeding birds in spring.

Walking is a bit more difficult though, since few marked trails exist. Maybe, that's just what you're looking for. With a tent and food, the islands are yours.

Hinnøya is located on the eastern side of the Vesterålen isles. It is the third largest island of mainland Norway. Nowadays, bridges and dams make it possible to get there by car. Through the interior of the island runs a network of marked trails, with small no-service huts from the DNT. So, here is an easy way for a hiking holiday.


Map of Norway Hiking Regions North


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