Camino Portugués


  1. Name Camino Portugués
  2. Length of trail 632 km, 393 miles
  3. Length in days 25 days
  4. Start of trail Lisboa
  5. End of trail Santiago de Compostela
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Camino Portugués

Camino Portugués, Lisboa - Santiago de Compostela, 632 km, 25 days

There is a trail between Lisboa and Santiago de Compostela, and it is marked. The downside is that it closely follows the road, even if you do not walk on the roads themselves. So, from the point of view of a good hike, there may be better Ways of St. James.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

Select some tracks
Caminho Português de Santiago, 377km
.Caminho Português de Santiago, 375km
Camiño Portugués Variante Espiritual, 73km
Camino Portugués de la vía de la Plata, 251km
Caminho do Norte (Fátima), 52km
Caminho Português de Santiago, 79km
Camino Torres - 03 Caminho de Santiago Braga, 35km


De Zwerver
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  • Camino Stage 5 - O'Cebreiro to Santiago Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • Stage 5 of the Camino, O'Cebreiro to Santiago 9 day and 8 night self guided walking holiday. Walk the last section of the Camino through rural Spain ending up in the fabulous city of Santiago de Compostela. A wonderful section of the walk and just enough mileage to gain your Compostela Certificate. This final stage passes through the sierra of... Read more
Macs Adventure
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  • Camino Portugués: Final Stage - Tui to Santiago Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • The final 110km of the Camino Portugués from Tui to Santiago. Walk the last 100km of the Camino Portugués from Tui to Santiago de Compostela. This final section of the walk takes you from Tui through the friendly region of Galicia in Northern Spain. Following country roads and woodland paths, you pass through wooded valleys, follow gentle... Read more
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Portugués: Full Walk: Lisbon to Santiago Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • The full 611km of the Camino Portugués pilgrimage. Walk the full Camino Portugués from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela, and enjoy a less travelled side of Portugal, but one which is no less inspiring and rich in cultural and architectural heritage. From the smells of cooking from the Churrascaria, the swell of emotion from your first sight of... Read more
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United Kingdom
  • Camino Portugués: Stage 2: Santarém to Coimbra Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • Walk from the gothic city of Santarém through to the beautiful University town of Coimbra. The second stage of the Camino Portugués starts off with a day of relatively flat walking, but you are soon out amongst the rolling hills as the week progresses. This section has three of the most amazing cities on the trip, the gothic Santarém, the... Read more
Macs Adventure
United Kingdom
  • Camino Portugués: Stage 4: Porto to Tui Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • This stage crosses the border from Portugal to Spain across the Minho river. On this trip you cross the border from Portugal into Spain when crossing the international bridge over the Minho river. During the course of the trip you will pass through a variety of landscapes, from the urban sprawl of Porto to rolling green hills and stretches of... Read more
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