Via Algarviana


  1. Name Via Algarviana (GR13)
  2. Length of trail 300 km, 186 miles
  3. Length in days 14 days
  4. Start of trail Alcoutim
  5. End of trail Cabo de São Vicente
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Via Algarviana

Alcoutim – Cabo Santo Vincent, Algarve, 300 km, 14 days

The Algarve is a popular holiday destination in the South of Portugal. It differs from the Mediterranean in the influence of the Atlantic.

The Via Algarviana is a popular trail. It runs inland, not along the coastline.

The trail starts at the Spanish border in the village of Alcoutim. The first half of the trail runs through rather depopulated hills and villages. The second half of the trail is nearer to the popular tourist destinations along the coast. The villages the trail passes thrive on tourism and the hills gradually flatten out. During the last stage, the ocean is approaching from both sides, the landscape drastically changes to open grassland and the walk ends in Cape São Vicente.

The area is still full of remains of the old rural life. When you pay attention, you will find many traces of old farms, bakeries, even bath houses. Nowadays, large areas consist of Eucalyptus plantations, thriving on the poor grounds. Wind farms are another obvious or obtrusive new element in the landscape. You will have to deal with that.
Still, there is so much to enjoy. In March and April the air is saturated with Nightingales‘ songs and Citrus smell. Best time to walk is October till May. June to September is too hot. In autumn, the fields will turn green with the first rains. In spring flowers and weeds break out everywhere.

The trail is very well marked (as of 2017), better than almost any other trail in Europe. On the airport of Faro you can obtain a free copy of the guidebook and maps. Otherwise, download them from the trail’s website.

The trail is easy, consisting of small roads, gravel tracks and paths. Main challenge are some very long stages between villages. Alternatively carry a tent; good camping spots are easy to find. Or improvise a little with busses and taxi’s. In the villages, ask for lodging. There are more opportunities than those popping up on the Internet.

Select some tracks
Via Algarviana, 312km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 4: Lagos-Bensafrim, 10km
Ao Sabor da Maré, 4.8km
Percurso Pedestre das Cascatas, 18km
A Rocha Delicada, 7.7km
Barrancos, 8.1km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 7: Albufeira-Alte, 30km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 2: Loulé - Salir, 29km
Via Algarviana - Ligação à Rota Vicentina
Via Algarviana - Ligação 1: Parises - São Brás de Alportel, 19km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 3: Mex. Grande - Monchique, 26km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 5: Marmelete - Aljezur, 18km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 6: Ameixial - Barranco do Velho, 22km
GruBrìa Dorsale GR12 Est Ovest Valle Lambro - Bosco delle Querce, 19km
Du Gâtinais au Morvan
.Du Gâtinais au Morvan, Bois-le-Roi - Fontainebleau, 19km
.Du Gâtinais au Morvan, Fontainebleau - Montbouy, 117km
.Du Gâtinais au Morvan, Montbouy - Auxerre, 80km
.Voie de Vézelay, Auxerre - Saint-Moré, 41km
.Du Gâtinais au Morvan, Vézelay - Lac des Settons, 74km
.Du Gâtinais au Morvan, Lac des Settons - Signal de Mont, 101km
.Du Gatinais Au Morvan, Saint-Moré - Vézelay, 25km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 10: Monchique-Alferce, 12km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 11: Alferce-Monchique, 12km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 8: Vaqueiros - Martim Longo, 19km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 9: Parchal-Silves, 16km
Via Algarviana - Ligação 12: Funcho a Vale Fuzeiros, 7.4km


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