GR84 Canal del Duero


  1. Name GR84 Canal del Duero (GR84)

Canal del Duero, GR84 Canal del Duero. unfinished? Castilla y León

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[GR 84] Montaña de Sanabria (Etapa 1), 18km
[GR 84] Montaña de Sanabria (Etapa 2), 5km
[GR 84] Montaña de Sanabria (Etapa 3), 21km
[GR 84] Montaña de Sanabria (Etapa 4), 14km
[GR 84] Montaña de Sanabria (Etapa 5), 13km
[GR 84] Montaña de Sanabria (Etapa 6), 13km


United Kingdom
  • Sanabria Lake and Surroundings NP CNIG
  • Lago de Sanabria Natural Park and the surrounding area of north-eastern Spain near the Portuguese border on a detailed, GPS compatible topographic map at 1:50,000 from the country’s civilian survey organization, highlighting waymarked hiking trails, tourist accommodation and places of interest, etc.The map has the cartography of Spain’s... Read more
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