Coed Morgannwg Way


  1. Name Coed Morgannwg Way
  2. Length of trail 58 km, 36 miles
  3. Length in days 3 days
  4. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  5. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Coed Morgannwg Way, Cymmer Abbey

36 miles, 58 km, 3 days

This rugged trail in South Wales follows old Celtic roads and passes even older settlements from the Bronze Age and Iron Age. You will also come across remains from the industrial era. The path is a mixture of open land and forest tracks. The name Coed Morgannwg refers to the forests of Margam, Cymmer and Rheola. A pretty tough hike.


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  • John P November 2016
  • Rate 6
  • Positive This trail goes through a relatively remote part of South Wales with lots of trees and moorland. There are views off the escarpment by Craig y Llyn and down wooded valleys. Coffee and cake is available from a number of cafes on route. Margam castle and abbey is a great place to end, and there are some places of historic interest on the way.
  • Negative Waymarking and maintenance is very poor, mountain bike trails have taken precedence. The route marked on the map is blocked or inaccurate in a number of places. Accommodation options do exist but are limited. Transport options at the end of the walk are limited.
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Coed Morgannwg Way


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  • Gareth Davies 2012-05-11 14:59:01
  • coed morgannwg walk
  • How many miles would it be to take the trail but start at Dare Valley Country Park and finish at Margam Park?
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