Sentier de l'Estrie


  1. Name Sentier de l'Estrie
  2. Length of trail 200 km, 124 miles
  3. Length in days 11 days
  4. Start of trail Border Québec-USA near Sutton
  5. End of trail Kingsbury near Richmond
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Sentiers de l'Estrie

Border Québec-USA near Sutton – Kingsbury near Richmond, 200km

This is a good hiking trail for nature lovers, located in the forested and hilly regions of the Monts Stoke and valley of River Saint-François. The mountains reach 600 meters and more. The trail also passes through the Parc national du Mont-Orford.

The trail is located in Québec, hence much information is in French. It is well maintained by the organisation with the same name as the trail, who publish a guide and maps. On trail you will find accommodation at regular intervals as well as campsites. Wild camping is not allowed in many places.

The southern tip of the Sentiers the lÉstrie touches the Canadian – American border, and it is possible to continue south on the Long Trail. The northern tip of the trail reaches Richmond.

Select some tracks
Sentier de l'Estrie
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Sutton, 22km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Sutton, Accès, 1.1km
Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Écho, 1km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Mont Écho, 3.5km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Mont Singer, 12km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Écho, Accès chemi de la Falaise, 2.1km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Écho, Point de vue Mont Écho, 0.5km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Écho, Camping étang-aux-castors
.Sentier de l'Estrie Zone Glen, 5.7km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Glen, Accès, 1.4km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Bolton, 36km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Bolton, accès, 15km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Orford, 36km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Orford, Accès, 7.8km
.Sentier de l'Estrie Zone Brompton, 16km
.Sentier de l'Estrie Zone Brompton, accès, 2.2km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Kingsbruy, 21km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Kingsbruy, Accès, 4.2km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Richmond, 13km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Richmond, Accès, 1.2km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone East-Angus, 9.2km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone East-Angus, Accès
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Chapman, 15km
.Sentier de l'Estrie, Zone Chapman, Accès, 0.9km


Hiking Map Sentier de l Estrie


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