California Coastal Trail


  1. Name California Coastal Trail (CCT)
  2. Length of trail 1,931 km, 1,200 miles
  3. Length in days 100 days
  4. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

California Coastal Trail - by SD Dude The California Coastal Trail (CCT) is a network of public trails for walkers, bikers, equestrians, wheelchair riders and others along the entire California coastline.Currently more than half is completed. When fully completed, it will be a 1200 mile (1931 km) continuous trail following the California coast from Mexico to Oregon.

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California Coastal Trail, 33km


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  • patacon
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  • Positive the ocean, there are many hikes that leads into the mountains.
  • Negative The part I did was all the time at the Highway so don't take a hike from Malibu to Oxnard.
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California Coastal Trail


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