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  • St Oswald`s Way Harvey National Trail XT40
  • St Oswald`s Way, linking the Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and Hardian’s Wall, on a waterproof and tear-resistant map at 1:40,000 from Harvey Map Services presenting the route accompanied by extensive additional tourist information.Divided into seven panels, the route is shown on mapping with contours at 15m intervals enhanced by additional... Read more
De Zwerver
  • Wandelkaart St Oswald's Way | Harvey Maps
  • Mooie, duidelijke kaart van de St Oswald's Way Noord-Engeland. Geplastificeerd met veel extra informatie en uitsnedes van de route. From Holy Island to Heavenfield, the 97 mile St Oswald's Way links some of the places associated with St Oswaldwho was the King of Northumbria in the early 7th century. The route runs through the... Read more
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