Troodos Mountains - by Rob Cyprus has some truly mountainous areas and lots of dry hilly countryside planted with citrus and pine trees. Uncultivated barren parts are mostly covered in low shrub. Along the rocky coastline you will find countless beaches and interesting outcrops.

Regrettably, Cyprus is split up into two. In the southwestern part of the country, considerable effort has been put into making nature more accessible.

The Akamas peninsula and national park in the far west of the island is attractive for hikers thanks to its extensive forests, deserted rocky coast en interesting gorges. This area is not too high and hills reach up to only 400m. A bit further east lies the more serious Troodos range, with mountains reaching 2000m, which is high enough to be covered in snow during winter. Both areas count dozens of short hiking trails, leading to lovely viewpoints or monuments of cultural historic interest in only a couple of hours walk.

Fun about Cyprus is the European long distance hiking trail E4, which runs from Pafos in the west to Larnaca in the south. This trail was completed in 2005 and neatly waymarked. It makes several large curves to include both Akamas and Troodos. As a result walking the full length of it adds up to about 600km of dry rocks and dust, and a pair of thoroughly worn hiking boots. Bring your tent, food and most importantly: enough drinking water.


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  • Positive Cyprus North: walking at height, overlooking the Mediterranian, great views. Remains of former rulers; flower explosion in spring. Unspoilt by the Med's usual high-rise international hotels and sprawling tourist villas. Pretty quiet and beautiful walking area.
  • Negative Cyprus North: the Turkish military basis, everywhere. They don't allow you to follow your route.
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