1. Length of trail 4,850 km, 3,014 miles
  2. Length in days 250 days
  3. Start of trail Galway (Irl)
  4. End of trail Nice (F)
  5. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

E2, Pennine Way, Great Brittain

North Sea – Lake Geneva – Mediterranean Sea

Trail planned to measure 4850 km, from Galway in Ireland to Nice in southern France. However the Irish portion is as yet non-existent. The trail now starts from Stranrear in Scotland, Great Britain and runs (and is waymarked) through the Netherlands/Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, meandering in and out of France along the way. It ends on the French Mediterranean coast in Nice.

In Britain, after leaving the Pennine range, the trail splits into 2 alternative routes: the eastern route via Harwich, and the western route via Dover. After crossing to the continent the eastern route continues in the Netherlands, the western route in Belgium. The alternatives rejoin near the Belgian town of Zoersel.

The continental part of the E2 is almost identical to the popular GR5, the trail that connects Hoek van Holland in The Netherlands to Nice in France.

The E2 is made-up of many national trails:


  • Non-existent
  • Galway will be future start

United Kingdom

Northern Route (unofficial)

Central Route

Eastern branch

Western branch

Netherlands (Northern branch)

  • First village is Hoek van Holland
  • Deltapad (LAW 5-1), Hoek van Holland - Bergen op Zoom
  • GR5, Bergen op Zoom - Essen


Southern branch, coming from United Kingdom

  • First village is Oostende
  • GR5a south, Oostende - Antwerpen
  • Antwerpen - Deurne, Connecting trail
  • GR565, Renier Sniederspad, Deurne - Zoersel,
  • GR5 coming from the Netherlands, Zoersel - Diest - Luik - Luxembourg

Northern branch, coming from The Netherlands

  • First village is Essen
  • GR5, Essen - Ouren
  • Last village is Ouren

Luxembourg (212 km)

  • GR5 (red paint stops)

This could be broken down to the following paths:

  • Our Path, Ouren – Diekirch. Near Hosingen, the E3 coming from the west joins the E2 / GR5
  • Maurice Cosyn Path, Diekirch – Echternach
  • Lower-Sûre Path, Echternach - Wasserbillig
  • Moselle Path, Wasserbillig – Remerschen. Here, the E3 and E2 / GR5 are separated again
  • South Path, Remerschen – Tétange / Rumelange
  • Last village is Tétange / Rumelange



France again

  • GR5
  • Nice, finish



Rate 8.0 | 2 votes | No 4. in Luxembourg
  • Joke ter Weele October 2011
  • Rate 8
  • Positive Well marked and laid out, through lovely woodlands, valleys and villages
  • Henk Nouws October 2011
  • Rate 8
  • Positive I walked parts in Luxembourg and France. These parts used interesting trails.
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Map European Long Distance Trail E2

Map European Long Distance Trail E2


De Zwerver
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Ordnance Survey
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Ordnance Survey
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  • Helen Dickson 2012-03-10 15:12:50
  • E2
  • Does anyone know of a guide book for the Netherlands and Belgium part of the E2 please? I'm hoping to walk it in 2013.
    • Henk Nouws 2012-03-11 09:47:29
    • Hi Helen. If you arrive in Hoek van Holland, you will follow the Deltapad to Bergen op Zoom. There is a Dutch Guidebook with excellent maps. Then follow the GR5. Here is the guidebook for that part: http://www.groteroutepaden.be/nl/route/45/gr-5-noordzee---middelandse-zee---deel-vlaanderen.html For the Wallonian part in Belgium, check the books section in Traildino | GR5. So: three guides.
    • Henk Nouws 2012-03-11 09:52:06
    • If you arrive in Oostende, you will follow the GR5a South to Antwerpen. You'll find the Guide in Traildino | GR5a. Check the Description section above for the connecting trails. From Zoersel onwards, you will need the two GR5 guides listed in my answer above.
      Hope this helps you out!
    • aqdennis 2013-05-08 09:38:26
    • Please note that since the end of 2012 the Dutch Deltapad (LAW 5-1) and the GR5 have been separated. The Deltapad goes from Hoek van Holland to Sluis on the Dutch-Belgium border, close to the coast. The GR5 coincides with the Deltapad until Goedereede where the GR5 goes inland to Bergen op Zoom.
      When entering Goedereede along the canal arriving at the small bridge over the canal there is no indication that this is the point where LAW 5-1 and GR5 part. There is a red/white sign going straight ahead, but this is in fact the LAW 5-1. For the GR5 turn left, following the road towards the bus stop and the main road. Close to the bus stop there is a red/white sign, but it is not specifically indicated one's now on the GR5.
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