Monaco - by Patrick

So, you plan to go long distance hiking in Monaco, the tiniest country in the world but one....? If you really think we're round the bend, you've got it wrong! Better head for Vanuatu to take a walk. We could of course recommend the Monte Carlo circuit with blinkers on, weekdays and at your own risk that is.

But wait, h'm, we do have a "small" suggestion: the E7 European long distance trail. On the way from Portugal to Romania, you actually pass through the miniature city-state of Monaco. Just don't walk too fast or you'll miss it.




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  • KOMPASS-Wanderkarten enthalten alles Wis
  • KOMPASS-Wanderkarten enthalten alles Wissenswerte für Wanderer wie aktuelle Wanderwege mit Markierungen, empfehlenswerte Radrouten und wichtige touristische Informationen. Der topographische Inhalt wird bei aller Detailgenauigkeit leicht lesbar und anschaulich dargestellt. Die Rückseite (italienisch) informiert über Orte sowie empfehlenswerte... Read more
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  • 640 - Nice Monaco San Remo
  • Les cartes de randonnée KOMPASS contiennent des informations précieuses pour les randonneurs : Marquage. Itinéraires de randonnées recommandés. Informations touristiques importantes. Descriptif des cartes dans la langue du pays Read more
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United Kingdom
  • San Remo - Imperia - Monte Carlo
  • San Remo - Imperia - Monte Carlo, map no. 14, in a series contoured hiking maps at 1:50,000 with local trails, long-distance footpaths, mountain accommodation, etc. from the Turin based Istituto Geografico Centrale covering the Italian Alps and Piedmont, the lakes and northern Lombardy, and the Italian Riviera.The maps have contours at 50m... Read more
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