1. Length of trail 425 km, 264 miles
  2. Length in days 22 days
  3. Start of trail Abisko
  4. End of trail Hemavan
  5. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  6. Hut tour grading T1, Walk


Through Lapland from Abisko to Hemavan, 425 km, 22 days 

Connects to Nordkalottleden and Padjelantaleden.

Abisko - Vakkotavare 110 km

Transport Vakkotavare - Saltoluokta 34 km (bus or boat)

Saltoluokta - Kvikkjokk 73 km

Kvikkjokk - Ammarnäs 165 km

Ammarnäs - Hemavan 78 km

It's a myth Sweden only has forests and lakes. Swedish Lapland is an immense region, counting some eleven peaks of over 2000 m, with barren plateau's, natural forests, deep gorges, glaciers, and a wealth of wildlife. Four predators roam free: lynx, wolf, wolverine and brown bear. Many other species and some very special birds can be spotted.

The first plans to create a tourist trail in this natural paradise date back to the 1890's. In 1926 the Royal Trail, Kungsleden, was born. 425 km of trail are at your disposal, and evenly spaced are some 16 mountain huts and 4 lodges. The huts are open from mid July to mid September, and also in March for skiing. Huts are self-catering, which means you have to prepare your own food. Most huts have shops where you can buy provisions.

Lapland is far away. You may be surprised to learn you can reach the starting point of the trail – Abisko - by train. The path leads southward. A short sidetrip can be made to Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnakaise, 2104 m high. To reach Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge you have to take a boat across Lake Langas. Further south you will reach Kvikkjokk. In the west you will spot the mountains of Sarek National Park. From Kvikkjokk a tough multi-day hike leads to Ammarnäs and the final six days go through Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve. Kungsleden ends in Hemavan.


Rate 10.0 | 2 votes | No 1. in Sweden
  • patacon August 2014
  • Rate 10
  • Positive the landscape, the people
  • Negative the prices for normal food at the fjaellstation and the expansive boattransfers
  • Leo Moons July 2013
  • Rate 10
  • Positive Fantastic scenery, well equipped mountain huts, friendly hosts. Possibility for wild camping.
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