Kokoda Trail


  1. Length of trail 96 km, 60 miles
  2. Length in days 6 days
  3. Traildino grading SW, Strenuous walk, mountain trail
  4. Hut tour grading T2, Mountain walk

Kokoda Track is a single-file foot thoroughfare that runs 96 kilometres from coast to coast through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea.


Rate 8.0 | 1 vote | No 1. in Papua New Guinea
  • bigkev September 2009
  • Rate 8
  • Positive History, Jungle scenery, staying in traditional villages and interacting with them, swimming in mountain streams, the challenge.
  • Negative The constant slippery mud can be draining, you need to concentrate on the extremely steep slopes, Humidity and rain also knocks some people around.
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