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  • Jeannette 2013-04-28 21:00:07
  • Suitable beginner trails for longer hike -3-6 weeks
  • What would be a recommended trail for beginners. We are considering the Camino due to the supportive infrastructure, so we can start with light loads, and that it does not require hanging from cliffs by your fingernails.We have heard it it extremely crowded but are planning to travel late Sept/Oct so maybe we are ok on that front, Any other trails we ought to consider - anywhere on the planet that give more peaceful experiences?

    • Henk Nouws 2013-05-08 09:09:35
    • Hi Jeanette. October can be fine in southern and central Europe, but is not good for the UK and northern Europe. There will be snow in the mountains and mountain huts will be closed. But for the French and Spanish part of the Camino de Santiago it is okay and not too busy. The advantage is you will find accommodation easily. If you have 6 weeks, my suggestion would be to pick up a part of a European Long Distance path, because they cross borders and offer great variety and often the best routes. I would suggest the E3, start in Paris, and walk east.
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