In East Africa, to the west of Kenya, lies the landlocked country of Uganda. It has a tropical climate, and lies at an average altitude of over 1000 m, sloping downwards towards the north. It has several large lakes within its borders such as Lake Victoria, Lkae Kyoga, Lake Albert and Lake Edward, some of which are interconnected by the Nile and its tributaries. Mountains are found only along the western and eastern borders.

Best known are the western Rwenzori Mountains on the border with Congo-Kinshasa (Zaire), with many peaks covered in snow and glaciers, rising up from the jungle to over 4500 m. Hiking here is for the experienced only, and hiring a local guide is compulsory. There are huts along the most popular 7-day Bujuku-Mubuku Circuit. Elsewhere you will mostly need to camp and rely on yourself completely. Prepare yourself for very wet and muddy circumstances at all times.

In the east of Uganda is Mount Elgon, a giant extinct shield volcano on the border with Kenya. No huts here, so prepare for camping. Finally hiking is possible in national parks like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP, Kibale Forest NP and Mgahinga NP.

Best for trekking are the (relatively) dry seasons, June to September and December to February.




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