The Great Wall


  1. Name The Great Wall
  2. Length of trail 8,852 km, 5,500 miles
  3. Start of trail Jiayuguan
  4. End of trail Shanhaiguan

The Great Wall is China's world famous historic defensive megastructure built to keep out invaders from the north. Large parts of the Great Wall are no longer intact, and to make things more complicated, there is not one single continuous Great Wall. So how long is it? Measuring all the actual wall sections adds up to 6259 km. Including trenches and natural barriers (rivers, rocks, hills incorporated in the wall) the total length is just under 8852 km! Whichever you choose, hiking the full length, meaning from Jiayuguan in the west to Shanhaiguan on the Yellow Sea, will probably take up to 5 months.


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De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids Explore the Great Wall (China) | Rucksack Readers
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