Strategically located at the northwestern corner of the Persian Gulf, squeezed in between Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, lies the tiny oil state of Kuwait. Surrounding the city of Kuwait are flat expanses of desert. The only hilly part is Mutla Ridge near the border with Iraq. Reaching just over 300 m it is the highest point of Kuwait.

So what about hiking in Kuwait? Although hiking is in no way a popular passtime, the Kuwaiti do very much enjoy camping out in the desert. Camping season lasts from November till March, but to enjoy nature go in February or March, when wild flowers blossom in the desert.


  • Lonely Planet Reiseführer Arabische Halbinsel, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Mit dem Lonely Planet Arabische Halbinsel auf eigene Faust durch Oman, Dubai und Abu Dhabi. Etliche Monate Recherche stecken im Kultreiseführer für Individualreisende. Auf fast 600 Seiten geben die Autoren sachkundige Hintergrundinfos zum Reiseland, liefern Tipps und Infos für die Planung der Reise, beschreiben alle interessanten... Read more
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  • Iraq - Kuwait Reise Know-How
  • Iraq with Kuwait at 1:850,000 on a light, waterproof and tear-resistant map from Reise-Know-How with enlargements for Baghdad and Kuwait City. The map, published by Reise-Know-How as part of their highly acclaimed World Mapping Project, is double-sided to provide the best balance between a good scale and a convenient size sheet. Names of main... Read more
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