1. Name Donausteig
  2. Length of trail 450 km, 280 miles
  3. Length in days 24 days
  4. Start of trail Passau (D)
  5. End of trail Sankt Nikola (At)
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail


Donausteig, Passau (Germany) - Linz - Sankt Nikola (Austria), 450 km, 24 days

A trail along the river Donau, second largest European river? Yes, it's there. Earlier, we reported that the work was still going on. Since 2010, the trail is ready and officially opened.

The Donausteig alternatively follows both banks of the Donau. It is not congruent to the Donauradweg, so you won't get kicked off the trail by speedy bikers. Most of the trail is in Austria, but Germany has its share of it. In a sense, the Donausteig is a continuation of the German Goldsteig (starting in Marktredwitz). Facilities are good. So maybe the trail will get as popular as the Rheinsteig? We hope so. We guess that the trail will bring you nature ánd culture in big loads.

Select some tracks
Donausteig Wanderungen
.Passau - Kasten Donausteig Etappe, 20km
.Passau - Obernzell Donausteig Etappe, 27km
.Obernzell - Niederranna Donausteig Etappe, 23km
.Kasten - Engelhartszell Donausteig Etappe, 16km
.Engelhartszell - Schlögen Donausteig Etappe, 23km
.Niederranna - Obermühl Donausteig Etappe, 20km
.Schlögen - Aschach Donausteig Etappe, 20km
.Obermühl - St. Martin Donausteig Etappe, 15km
.St. Martin - Aschach Donausteig Etappe, 13km
.Aschach - Eferding Donausteig Etappe, 17km
.Eferding - Wilhering Donausteig Etappe, 15km
.Wilhering - Linz Donausteig Etappe, 13km
.Linz - Enns Donausteig Etappe, 37km
.Ottensheim - Linz Donausteig Etappe, 17km
.Linz - Steyregg Donausteig Etappe, 27km
.Steyregg - Mauthausen Donausteig Etappe, 21km
.Enns - Mauthausen Donausteig Etappe, 7.4km
.Mauthausen - Perg Donausteig Etappe, 12km
.Perg - Mitterkirchen Donausteig Etappe, 12km
.Mitterkirchen - Grein Donausteig Etappe, 22km
.Grein - Sarmingstein Donausteig Etappe, 16km
.Sarmingstein - Waldhausen Donausteig Etappe, 9.4km
.Waldhausen - Grein Donausteig Etappe, 26km
.Stadtwanderweg Pöstlingberg, 7.6km
.Steyregger Runde, 8.6km
.Mühlsteinweg, 8.5km
.Zollordnungsweg, 17km
.Schlösserrunde, 21km
.Donau Panoramaweg, 8km
.Bauern und Holzknechtrunde, 15km
.Eferdinger G´schichtenweg, 2.2km
.Wolfgangrunde, 12km
.Schaunberg Runde, 11km
.Koblrunde, 3.1km
.Der steinige Weg, 13km
.Donausteigrunde Kirchberg, 17km
.Donauschlingenweg, 19km
.Traumblickrunde, 15km
.Wasserfallrunde, 8.2km
.Bischof Firmian Weg, 13km
.Leinenweberweg, 15km
.Sonnenweg, 5.7km
.Zeller Donausteigrunde, 9.9km
.Kellberger Keltenrunde, 8.9km
.Stadtwanderweg von der Natur in die Kultur, 6.2km
.Passaublick-Severinsweg, 9.2km
.Kößlbachrunde, 17km
.Fuchsenlochweg, 6.6km
.Trappistenrunde, 15km
.4/4-Blick-Runde, 13km
.Es muss sein - Weg, 21km
.Cittàslowrundweg, 1.8km
.Gesunde Gemeinde Wanderweg, 4.6km
.Fuchtelmanderlweg, 26km
.Kugelmanderlweg, 9km
.Teufelsweg, 13km
.Voralpenblickrunde, 9.4km
.Rundwanderweg Klam, 6km
.Kreuzner Donaublickrunde, 17km
.Greiner Donaublickrunde, 5.8km
.Burg Werfenstein Wanderweg, 5.7km
.Ausblicksrunde, 18km
.CICONIA-Rundweg, 11km


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