1. Name Dijleland (GRD)
  2. Length of trail 167 km, 104 miles
  3. Length in days 8 days
  4. Start of trail Leuven
  5. End of trail Leuven
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Streek-GR Dijleland, circular trip starting from Leuven, 167 km, 8 days

This trail visits both Leuven and Mechelen, two historic cities. In between are softly rolling fields and meadows, forests, and many historic places and buildings.

Select some tracks
Streek-GR Dijleland, 131km
Streek-GR Dijleland Variant Neerijse - Leefdaal, 7.7km
Streek-GR Dijleland Lus 1: Rond Leuven, 22km
Streek-GR Dijleland Lus 2: Zuid-Dijleland vanuit Neerijse, 21km
Streek-GR Dijleland Lus 3: Zuid-Dijleland vanuit Tervuren, 28km
Streek-GR Dijleland Lus 4: Zuid-Dijleland uitgebreid vanuit Tervuren, 38km
Streek-GR Dijleland Lus 5: Noord-Dijleland vanuit Mechelen, 36km
Streek-GR Dijleland Aanlooproute Station Leuven, 0.4km
Streek-GR Dijleland Aanlooproute Station St.-Joris-Weert
Streek-GR Dijleland Aanlooproute Haacht kerk, 1.5km


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