Bornholms Kyststier


  1. Name Bornholms Kyststier
  2. Length of trail 130 km, 81 miles
  3. Length in days 7 days
  4. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Bornholms Kyststier

Bornholms Kyststier, Bornholm Coastal Path, 130 km, 7 days. Made up of newly made paths and old lifeboat-rescue and forest and coastal paths, around the island, Bornholm.

The island of Bornholm lies isolated in the Baltic Sea. It has a square shape. The Bornholm Coast Path follows this coast closely.

Information on the Internet is scarce, but below are some links.

The main protagonist of this trail is Frits Ehlefeldt, and his praise of this island and trail is infinite. Let's quote him: "on Bornholm Coast Path you will pass the steep dinosaur cliffs and Dueodde white sand beaches on the south side, the ancient crumbling red granite cliffs on the east side, the dramatic fern-filled fragrant valleys on the north side and finally the more than hundred meters high, wind-swept cliff paths with dramatic views and the enormous castle ruin in the middle of it all, on the west side". In Danish it sounds even better.

The trail is very varied. A walk for the real island addict. Some practical affairs to conclude with: accommodation is perfectly arranged. You can also take off with your camping gear which definitely helps growing your calves when stumbling through the soft sands of the many beaches.


Bornholms Kyststier


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