GR120 - Parc Régional Boulonnais


  1. Name GR120 - Parc Régional Boulonnais (GR120)
  2. Length of trail 178 km, 111 miles
  3. Length in days 9 days
  4. Start of trail Bray-dunes
  5. End of trail Berck
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

GR120, Cap Gris-nez, Cran-aux-Oeufs

Coastal trail in the north of France, opposite Great Brittain so to say, starting at the Belgium frontier.

Select some tracks
Tour du Boulonnais, 122km
.Tour du Boulonnais variante, 19km
GR 120 Ignaziotar bidea/Camino Ignaciano, 145km
Route du Littoral, 292km


Map of GR120


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